How to Use The Blog

For those of you not familiar with using a blog site here are a few notes.

Registering with the Blog

You can either just view all the information on the site or you can have some interaction with the site. To do that you need to register as a ‘follower’ by clicking on the [Follow] button on the right-hand side of the screen and then following the instructions. (Note: You may be asked if you want to set up a WordPress account – just ignore it.)

Once you are registered you will automatically receive an email every time there is a new publication on the site. Also, if you comment on the site about a post (see below) then you will automatically receive a notification when there are other responses to your comment or that post.

Exploring Posts

What you see on the home page of the blog is the latest post (blog), or piece of information, which has been published to the site. On this site there are two types of posts: updates on activities related to the cemetery; and, the background stories about the people buried in the cemetery and, if relevant, their families or relatives.

When you scroll down you will reach the previous post, then the one before that etc. Instead of scrolling down through what may eventually be hundreds of posts you can select posts from a specific period by clicking on the time-period in the ‘Archives’ section on the right-hand side of the screen.

Searching for Information

Alternatively you may be looking for information in the posts about a specific subject. In this case you could simply type a keyword into the “search” box on the right-hand side of the screen. The system will pull-up a summary of all posts (and other sources of information – ‘pages’) containing a reference to the keyword you have entered. You can scroll through this summary and select whatever looks of interest.

You can also look for relevant posts by selecting a ‘category’, also on the right-hand side of the screen. All posts are assigned to one or more categories which are broad groups based on the information of the post. For example, a category might be ‘The Sea’ and selecting that category might then bring up all posts about people who have a link to the sea – that could be fishermen or Royal Navy for example.


At the top of the home page are tabs which give you access to ‘pages’ of information. There may be just one page to a tab or many pages with an underlying set of menu selections to choose from. These pages are essentially ‘static’ background information (like this page) whereas posts represent a constant flow of new information.


At the end of each post is an annotation including an option “Leave a Comment”. If you click on this you can add any comments you might have about the post – questions, observations, opinions, new information etc. When you enter a comment a new check box will appear – “Notify me of new comments via email”. If you have registered to follow the blog (see above) and you click on this check-box then you will automatically receive an email to notify when anyone else responds to that post as well. So you can follow discussions about posts. To save your comment once you’ve written it you simply click on the [Post Comment] button.

Sharing the Information

If you have your own Facebook or Twitter account you can share the post to those accounts so that your friends can also see the post. You do this again by selecting the ‘Leave a Comment’ option and, under the ‘Share This’ heading click on the [Twitter] and/or [Facebook] button.