The Stories

This is a quick index to the various stories of some of the people buried in the cemetery as we come upon them.  Just click on one of the names to read more.

Albert Best …. from plumber to reservoir builder …. and social historian of Teignmouth

Georgiana Caroline Barbara Mainwaring …. the last of the lady hostages of the Kabul disaster 1842

PC Harold Ricketts ….. Bravery and a twist in the tale

Harry Welchman ….. Lights, music, action

Henry & Elizabeth Williams ….. bombing casualties

Janet Sarah Coke ….. foster mother of Harry Welchman

Leah Laforgue, nee Lee, ….. the source of  inspiration for TS Eliot

Maurice Louis Charles Mortimore ….. only Teignmouth fireman killed in service in World War 2.

Peter Paul Marshall ….. The Pre-Raphaelite Inferno

Robert Arthington ….. Philanthropist, the Millionaire Miser

Sylvia Forde ….. Musical stage actor, wife of Harry Welchman

Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt, Admiral, ….. a latter-day Indiana Jones?

William Alfred Rombulow Pearse, Admiral ….. Bounding Alasksa

William Frederick Yeames, artist, ….”And when did you last see your father?”

W R Hall Jordan and Frederick C Frost ….. and the designation of Keats House

And coming soon … John James Galloway, William Long Wrey, Charles Bodnar ….. and more