Progress Update

Here are a few pictures showing the progress made so far on the main area of graves we have been working on.  It has been HARD work, especially trying to eradicate the many years of growth of brambles and ivy, but we’re getting there.  The next stage for this area will be to decide how we plant up to make it more attractive.  There is also some work being undertaken around the buildings – pictures to follow.  We still have some concerns which we are trying to address with the Council such as removal of all the waste and most importantly whether we can use one of the buildings for storing our equipment.

We found a line of child graves that had been completely overgrown

We have also now had a response from Teignbridge District Council about our proposal for the renovation of the buildings for community use.  Click here to see that response.  We are currently reviewing how we should respond to it since it does not match with our proposal or subsequent meetings we had with the Council.  Our reply will be published here as well.

Charles Ethelred

Finally we have decided to create a separate Facebook page.  Whilst this website is good for keeping a record of everything being done related to the Cemetery it is not as immediate as Facebook.  Facebook will enable us to post information and photos very quickly which is important now that we are getting into a regular system of work parties.  Details to follow.


First Working Party

I missed it!! Thursday May 4th saw the first working party on the first site we had marked out for clearance and I missed it – away in sunny climes. But there was a lot of activity as you can see from the photographs below and I am told that much progress was made. Thanks to everyone who made it that day and to Elaine for capturing the moments.