Bombing Casualties – Henry and Elizabeth Williams

The Wonder of the Web!

It would be nice to think that news of Teignmouth Cemetery has gone global.  We’re not quite there but we have had another international contact recently, this time from Tom Williams of Anaheim, California.

Kerb inscription 2015

Tom had visited the cemetery in 2015 and, amongst the overgrowth and brambles, had managed to find the grave of his great-grandparents – Henry John and Elizabeth Mary Williams.

Two of the FOTC volunteers, Jean Gitsham and Geoff Wood, went in search of their grave and described what they found:

“We were expecting the Williams grave to be covered in dense brambles however when we located the grave it was completely hidden under dense tangled ivy plus had a large anthill on it as well …

Cleared grave, ready for planting

Around 8 large tubs of ivy pulled off the grave with lots of stubborn roots removed with mattocks …around 10.30am Mal joined us helping with our mammoth ivy clearance task…lots of heavy work resulting in muddy conditions … “

According to the 1939 register Henry was a private gardener.  They both died on 2nd September 1942 in a bombing raid on Teignmouth in which their house, 11 Higher Brook Street, was hit. Henry was 82 and Elizabeth 79.  Two other residents there, Alice Jemima James and Rosa Victoria Turpin, were also killed along with neighbours nextdoor in number 10.

On Teignmouth Seafront 1935

This was just one incident in ten raids that Teignmouth suffered between 1941 and 1943.  More details of these and a full list of those who died in the bombings and are buried in the Cemetery are given on the Bombing Casualties page.

Tom sent us this wonderful picture of his great-grandparents promenading along Teignmouth seafront before the war.