The Buildings

The following is an extract from the Archaeology Consultation contained in the planning application by Teignbridge District Council:

“The proposed development involves the change of use of the lodge and the eastern (Church of England) mortuary chapel, along with the demolition of the remains of western (Non-Conformist) Mortuary Chapel.  It has been suggested that these buildings were designed by the notable local architect J.W. Rowell, who designed a number of buildings in and around Newton Abbot in the mid-19th century.  The western mortuary chapel is described as a store, but is in fact the remains of the Non-Conformist Mortuary Chapel.

These buildings were probably built in the 1850’s, are an attractive group of buildings designed by a local architect built to serve the 19th century planned out-of-town cemetery and are located in the middle of its oldest part.  Given the quality of these buildings, their link with a local architect and their contribution they make to the historic cemetery and the 19th century town I would advise that this planning application was not determined until further information is submitted in support of this planning application.  This information should set out:

  1. the significance of the heritage assets affected by the proposed change of use, and
  2. the scope of the proposed conversion works and their potential impact upon the historic fabric, appearance and setting of these heritage assets.

As it stands information submitted in support of this application does not consider the impact of the proposed development upon the archaeological resource.”