Inside the Lodge

On 30th January Teignbridge opened up the Lodge buildings for us to have a look inside.  We were unable to view upstairs for safety reasons.  Also one half of the lodge was boarded up on the ground floor.  Structurally it looked reasonably sound (dry) but the interiors need a lot of work, as you will see from the following photos:

lodge1Inside the right-hand half of the lodge (looking from the front of the building).  You can see the boarding-up of the rooms.



This is the wall to the right of the boarding







Entry into the left-hand half of the lodge showing staircase up to the garret rooms on the first floor


Gas boiler and notice the gas light on the left-hand side



Amazing boarding up of one set of windows:


lodge5A second staircase, graffitied walls to the left



lodge6Downstairs room, notice the missing plaster