Expression of Interest – Summary

Our overall aim is to ensure that there is full, proper and open public consultation about the future community use of the buildings and grounds of Teignmouth Old Cemetery.

The following is a summary of our proposed approach in the Expression of Interest submitted to Teignbridge:

  1. For maximum benefit to be achieved for the community, plans for the buildings at the cemetery cannot be taken in isolation. Our proposal is that a broader approach is required in which the buildings and the site are restored in parallel.
  2. For maximum benefit to be achieved for the community we are proposing a solution which allows for multi-purpose community use of the site in a way that is sympathetic to the special environment there.
  3. For maximum benefit to be achieved for the community we are proposing use of local resources as much as possible.
  4. The solution has to be self-sustaining. We are proposing a three-level solution:
  • Core Business Activities which are surplus generating. This surplus could be used to support other community activities.  Our focus here would be on the use of the chapel and buildings for services such as weddings and humanist or non-denominational ceremonies which complement other sites in the area (Initial research on similar sites indicate that this could be achievable);
  • Add-on Activities which are income generating and make use of spare capacity for the rooms and facilities available;
  • Activities which are purely of community benefit – essentially encouraging people to enjoy the amenity of the site
  1. There should be a corporate governance structure which is apolitical, run by the community for the community. (Note:  we have already contacted a number of local charitable and voluntary organisations.  There are more to contact, which would form part of the subsequent public consultation).