Teignbridge Response to FOTC Expression of Interest in Cemetery Buildings

Further to our meeting on the 30th March 2017 we have now had the opportunity of discussing the principle of a joint project between the Friends of Teignmouth Cemetery (FOTC) and Teignmouth Eastcliff Community Co Ltd (TECC).

Unfortunately, due in part to the bad press and the social media backlash to the original proposal by Teignbridge District Council (TDC) when seeking Expressions of Interest, TECC at this stage would be reluctant to play a major partnering role in jointly developing plans for the future community uses of the redundant cemetery lodge buildings.  It appears, they are fearful that the wider aspiration of using the buildings for community uses could be compromised if the two partners were unable to agree joint objectives, priorities and project delivery plan.

With this in mind, and a desire to move this matter forward, TDC would be prepared to offer the FOTC the opportunity of preparing a formal bid to TDC for a long term lease of these buildings.  Clearly, TDC would need to be confident that the FOTC are properly constituted (in the future) to enter into a legal agreement (probably an Agreement to Lease and Lease) but, in the meantime would require the following details in support of your proposal;

  • FOTC would be given 6 months to investigate, research, consult and prepare a proposal for consideration by TDC which should be submitted in writing by the 22nd January 2018 – no extension to this timescale will be permitted
  • TDC would expect FOTC to fully consult and evidence with TECC and other community groups and bodies their aspirations and potential interest in using/sharing the cemetery lodge buildings
  • FOTC illustrate how new and future uses of the building will be possible together with evidence/ statements from other community users how they would want to participate and be partners in this community project
  • FOTC to investigate and provide details of the governance model that will be used to take this project forward and details of the legal arrangements that will be adopted with other community groups/users
  • FOTC to provide proposals of the refurbishment aspirations and indicative costs together with funding and grant opportunities
  • FOTC to provide a business plan evidencing sources of income –v – running costs to demonstrate the financial sustainability of the proposals – for the avoid of doubt a fully funded proposal will need to be submitted with the proposal by the 22nd January 2018
  • FOTC to evidence other community projects of this nature with examples of best practice and positive community outcomes

I hope this clarifies TDC’s position and aspirations for working with a community partner such as FOTC to move this opportunity forward.  Please note, this proposal is only about a lease of the Cemetery Buildings and does not relate to any other arrangements or matters concerning the maintenance or restoration of the cemetery.

Should you need any further information or wish to include any additional items not mentioned above ie. public relations and publicity protocols, please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Forsey or myself.


Kind Regards

 Matheu Gladman
Assistant Estates Surveyor

Economy and Assets
Teignbridge District Council
Forde House
Newton Abbot
TQ12 4XX

01626 215477