First Step Ceremony

Here’s some press coverage about the “First Step Ceremony” we held at the cemetery on Saturday 30th September – Teignmouth Mayor Paul Burgess cut the ribbon to mark the first area in the cemetery where we had been clearing graves. (Full text shown below)

Teignmouth Post Friday 6th October 2017


All this community pressure has brought interest in the Cemetery out into the open.  There was an excellent spread in the Torquay Herald Express of 23rd January.  You can see this online through our publicity page.  Just click HERE   and select the item.

There has also been a front page and inner page spread in the Teignmouth Post of 27th January which is reasonably balanced although it does lead with the proposal from the company we managed to unearth as a result of our media activity.  There is also a little journalistic licence to create a good story by portraying us as “competing groups”, whereas what we are trying to ensure is that there is complete transparency and community consultation about the restoration of the buildings with broad multi-purpose community use in mind.  There isn’t an on-line link to the story but, for those who have not been able to see a copy of the paper, I have scanned in the article by reporter John Ware below.

Teignmouth Post 27th Jan 2017, reporter John Ware

Teignmouth Post 27th Jan 2017, reporter John Ware