Thomas Bidwill … continued

Don, the plate, the grave

A few days ago we had a visit from Don Cockman who lives in Torquay and who first contacted us about 18 months ago.  Don owns a decorated terracotta plate painted by “T. Bidwill” who, he believed, was buried in Teignmouth Cemetery.  So we did some research and with the help of the Teignbridge Cemetery Office managed to locate the grave of Thomas Bidwill.

I had promised Don that if he were able to come over to the cemetery I would show him the grave and the clearance work that we were undertaking.  So that’s what happened last week when Don arrived, bringing with him the plate and we were able to capture the moment of Don, the plate and Thomas Bidwill’s grave.

Thomas Bidwill, epitaph

Thomas Bidwill, headstone

Still life decorated plate, Thomas Bidwill

First Step Ceremony

Here’s some press coverage about the “First Step Ceremony” we held at the cemetery on Saturday 30th September – Teignmouth Mayor Paul Burgess cut the ribbon to mark the first area in the cemetery where we had been clearing graves. (Full text shown below)

Teignmouth Post Friday 6th October 2017