Community Action Update 26th January


Community in Action

Community in Action

Thanks to everyone who turned up at the Community Photoshoot on Sunday.  It was an impressive turnout and confirms the level of community support there is for the cemetery and buildings.  Tony Wilson took a few photos and I am posting one of the group shots here.  I will add the others, which are shots of the buildings to another page when I have a spare moment.

Walking Tour

The idea of having a “history trail” around the cemetery has been mooted.  The Walk This Way walking group went up to the Cemetery yesterday to have a short history walk around some of the graves which have already been cleared.    There are some photos of that published on the Walk This Way Facebook site:  walkthiswayteignmouth

Press Release

I have sent a press release to both the Teignmouth Post and Torquay Herald Express about the photoshoot.  It will be interesting to see if they are published (an earlier release to Teignmouth Post was not published last week).  Here is what the release says:

“Local residents met on Sunday at the Teignmouth Old Cemetery Chapel to demonstrate their support for a community group comprising local people and charitable organisations, working together to submit an Expression of Interest to Teignbridge.  Their aim is to gain a long lease on the buildings and bring them back under the auspices of the local community.

A number of people have volunteered much time over the last couple of years to clear and plant around some of the sadly neglected historical graves.  Now they are setting up a ‘Friends of Teignmouth Cemetery’ to enable this work to continue and to develop several ideas for sympathetic and yet sustainable use of both the cemetery and its buildings.

People feel that this is the correct and democratic vehicle through which to submit a proposal and hope that Teignbridge will assist them in taking it out to wider public consultation so that a single project for multiple community use of that area can be established to the benefit of all parts of the community.

If you would like more information or an application form to join the ‘Friends of Teignmouth Cemetery’ email:

International Support

Finally, Teignmouth Cemetery is going global.  This is a comment I have received from Sharon Williams who lives in Vancouver:

Although I live in Canada, I wish you luck in your fight to keep the cemetery building as a community use.  I visited my great grandparents’ grave every month with my Gran back in the 50’s/60’s – to tend and leave fresh flowers – and have vivid memories of the peacefulness of the cemetery. Regards. Sharon Williams, Vancouver. British Columbia.

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