Activity Update 5th February 2016

Thomas Bidwill 2-comp

Thomas Bidwill headstone

Taking advantage of the sunny weather I went up to the Cemetery yesterday to do a bit of weeding and more investigation, armed with various plot maps.

What are plot maps?  See the new page I have added – [Plot Identification]


I eventually found the Thomas Bidwill grave which was completely covered in grass and ivy.  The only sign a of grave was a slight ivy-covered mound.  Pulling back the ivy revealed Thoma Bidwill’s headstone.


Thomas Bloomfield grave

Thomas Bloomfield grave

Thomas Bloomfield’s grave was in a different location from where I had originally thought and was more easily identifiable …..


Finally I returned to Leah Lee’s grave for a bit of weeding.  Surprisingly there seemd to be hundreds of natural bulbs coming through -yet to flower.  In amongst them were snowdrops, crocuses and the geraniums we had planted last summer.  Amazing that they had survived the winter; let’s hope that a late frost doesn’t kill them off.


Leah Lee's grave

Leah Lee’s grave